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Graduates of engineering sciences or technicians will find exciting jobs in Bangladesh. The growing industry needs more and more experts in different fields of engineering like the construction industry, automotive, chemical or electrical engineering. Bangladesh is poised to become one of Southeast Asia’s top construction destinations. The country is in need of many infrastructure projects, including national rail upgrades and new economic hubs. The kinds of projects the country will need to complete in the coming years are vast and exciting and will offer any budding engineer an excellent opportunity to create a strong reputation and build a career for themselves.

Most engineering opportunities will be offered in businesses or firms that have their own department for development and research. There are also companies that specialise in engineering and hire out their talent to companies in need. The type of work contractors can expect to perform varies greatly depending on what type of specialty and training the engineer has. For example, a chemical engineer will be concerned mostly with the production and safe transport of chemicals, whereas a structural engineer would be responsible for maintenance and safety parameters of buildings and infrastructure.

What kind of jobs can you find?

The kinds of engineering opportunities you can find in Bangladesh are numerous and vary widely in their scope of responsibilities and required qualifications. Some roles are concerned with science & technology, research & development, chemicals, operations, and technical expertise. You’ll find plenty of engineering opportunities in these fields in Bangladesh, including but not limited to: assistant engineers, technical coordinators, site managers, drill operators, site engineer, surveyor, civil engineer, health & safety manager and plenty more. This is just a small snapshot of engineering jobs available in Bangladesh. If however you find yourself wanting to work in these fields but lack the proper education, there are plenty of support and administrative roles available. Often times working in these kinds of administration roles in engineering firms is a great way to see the engineers at work from an inside perspective.

What qualifications are needed to work in the field of engineering?

If you are motivated, well organized, good with numbers and possess excellent mathematical skills you will find it easy to secure a technical job in Bangladesh.

A crucial requirement for any engineering firm is a relevant degree in a particular field of engineering. Studying is a popular way in Bangladesh to get a feel for any occupation, especially in technical jobs. For this reason many universities offer the opportunity to study subjects of different engineering sectors. Eventually students will decide in which area they would like to specialise and focus their studies in that field. In almost all engineering roles the minimum education requirements will be a Bachelor’s degree. If you decide to undertake a Master’s degree, you will increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Additionally companies are not only looking for engineering students. There is also an increasing request for well educated technicians with work experience and expert knowledge. For example industrial sectors of electrical, automobile or energy supply are challenging fields in this industry. Typical tasks for engineers are to construct prototypes with design softwares, to solve technical problems or to analyse physical, chemical and biological processes.

Whatever your interests the best way to secure a job in an engineering field is to get qualified and get some experience. A lot of senior roles will require at a minimum of five or more years. So don’t delay, get your field and get into your field so you can start working on exciting projects that will help to take Bangladesh to the next level of development.

The best engineering jobs

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