Business Functions

Business jobs in India

Sector overview

Fresh graduates and postgraduates with no work experience are hired as Management Trainees in various companies in India. Experienced candidates are hired for middle and senior management roles, depending on their relevant work experience in a particular field.

The process of recruitment differs for a fresh graduate and one with experience. Generally, fresh graduates go through a written test, followed by a group discussion before the personal Interview. This differs by the nature and size of the company.

Areas of work

The areas of work in this sector include:

Sales and Marketing

Graduates can find ample job opportunities in sales and marketing field. The majority of BBA graduates are absorbed as management trainees, business development executives, marketing executives etc.

Business Development

Graduates are generally hired as Business Development Executives/Managers by companies.

Consulting Services

One of the popular and competitive career options today. Some of the leading consulting firms are:

Human Resources

Graduates can also seek a job in the human resources sector. You can join various HR forums and get advice from business professionals working in the HR field in India. Some of the forums are:

Vacancy sources

Almost all popular job portals advertise jobs across business functions.

Postgraduate view

Key advice from an experienced UWE postgraduate:

"Within all the major sectors in India, there is a huge potential for jobs in different functional areas such as HR, Marketing, Strategy, Sales and Business Development. There is increasing demand for professionally qualified graduates in these areas who can adapt well to the nature and context of the industry and deliver true value to the functions of the organisation.

The best recruiters in India at the moment are call centres, service organisations and biotech firms. Make sure your CV is short, crisp and precise as a long CV is not appreciated. Jobs in Administration, HR, Marketing, and Finance are usually offered through college placements in the beginning, but job portals such as and consultants such as Adecco and ABC are suppose to be really helpful. It is very important to negotiate a good salary as employers tend to usually have the bargaining power due to large number of job applications."

Vishnupriya Sharma, former HR person with Apollo Hospitals India and current MA Human Resources student.