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A business studies degree is one of the most popular degrees at universities worldwide nowadays, mostly due to the great versatility in job options this degree gives its graduates.

Saudi Arabia is in the top ten percentile of world nation’s gross domestic products, with around $776 billion GDP in total. After the threat of an unstable economy due to reduced oil prices, the Saudi Arabian government took advantage of the past two years to cut energy subsidies, decrease public spending, and look for new ways to raise revenue from sectors other than the oil one. As a result, the IMF forecasts the Saudi budget deficit to narrow from 13 percent of GDP in 2016 to 9.6 percent in 2017. That is improvement is a dramatic one, from the 16 percent deficit the country posted last year.

With the recent re-stabilisation and flourishing of the kingdom’s economy, graduates seeking business-related work in Saudi Arabia would find high demand for employees in several fields.


Job Opportunities:

A degree in Business Studies can lead to a career in several different industries. If a business graduate as a brilliant idea and a strong initiative, Aside from the obvious career directions of banking, finance and accounting, which are covered in a separate section, a business studies graduate can choose the direction of retail and sales management, as well as logistics and trade. The kingdom’s diversification in business to encourage non-oil sector economic activity also encourages the logistics and transportation companies in Saudi Arabia, as chances for import and export increase.

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Business Graduates- Further Study

Many business graduates tend to go on to further studies in order to specialise in more specific sectors, such as marketing, economics, business management or HR. It is important to be sure of the industry one wishes to build a career in before pursuing a Masters degree, as it is a step that requires both time and money.