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The rise of public and private investment and non-oil activity, along with strong oil and gas revenues in Oman are leading to a continuous expansion of the country’s economy. The Oman Vision 2020’s long term development plan also ems to ensure economic and financial stability by boosting private sector participation, leading to a diversified economy and an increased investment in the Omani workforce.

For business graduates, this means that job opportunities are more diverse than ever in Oman, with private sector investments increasing the chances for jobs in multinationals. 


Job Opportunities:

Earning a degree in general business can open a variety of career opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, including business development, sales, retail, finance, information technology, project management and retail business.

Some of the job positions that a graduate would be eligible for are: 

Contract manager: oversee projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget.

Administrative services manager: handling general business tasks, supervising administrative personnel and coordinating staffing, as well as supporting the communications, planning and daily operations of an organization.

Financial advisor: employed by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, personal financial advisors analyze data and trends to assess financial options and strategies.

Advertising and promotions manager: develop campaigns and strategies for generating sales and brand recognition. 

Customer service representative: Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, mail, or social media. 

Marketing assistant: support the work of marketing managers and executives on projects directed at maximising company profits and developing sales strategies or marketing campaigns. 

Technical sales director: Sells products by implementing national sales plans; supervising regional sales managers. 

Business analyst: help businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective way by determining the requirements of a project or program, and communicating them clearly to stakeholders, facilitators and partners. 

Account executive: understand the client's goals, and then organise the agency's creative and administrative staff to help them produce effective campaigns. 


Key Employers: 

Qatar Airways:

Ernst & Young:

BP Oman:



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Starting a business: 

A degree in business can put graduates on the right track to start their own business, once they have a unique idea they would like to bring to life. Starting a business in Oman requires research into the different rules and regulations, including compliance with the country’s Sharia law and Omanisation initiative. The following document compiles the basic details needed for research.