Information Technology


With two full network operators and three virtual network operators serving the market of 4 million citizens, Oman offers a diverse and competitive telecommunications sector. Demand for IT services has been on the rise, particularly from the private sector, which knows the value of creating efficiencies through IT. ICT is seen as central to the country’s long-term economic diversification, as well as an important support for growth in a range of sectors and as a driver of GDP growth in itself.

Employment in the sector is rising as the country continues to expand its network coverage and IT uses. With the development of the E-government and the Oman Data Park- the first data cloud in the Middle East, the IT sector in the nation is looking up. 


Career Opportunities:

As the IT sector in Oman is still growing, the job positions available are still quite limited. Below are a few examples of vacancies advertised: 

Quality Assurance: work towards preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. 

Customer relationship management analytics (CRM analytics): used to evaluate an organization's customer data to facilitate and streamline business choices. CRM analytics also may be used for online analytical processing (OLAP) through the use of data mining. 

Technical Support Analyst: responsible for independently and successfully troubleshooting and resolving technology problems for staff working within the premises, and also for students, instructors and summer staff who are geographically distant. 

IT Manager: take responsibility and accountability for the smooth running of computer systems within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs and timelines. You will supervise the implementation and maintenance of the company’s computing needs.

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