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Business graduates have the widest variety of job opportunities, which often lead to grand positions and large salaries down the line. With the UAE harbouring thousands of multinational corporations in over ten free zones around the nation, a plethora of job opportunities, especially in retail, trade, logistics and wholesale are available.

The Retail/Trade and Logistics industry is the 4th highest with regards to growth in the UAE, with the measure of demand growing over tenfold since 2010.


Career Opportunities:


Logistics positions can be found in a wide range of organisations from factories, to hospitals, to retail organisations. 

Operation support controllers: responsible for data entry, accounts payable, payroll, grant report entry, managing the organizations HR, helping and creating organizational and program budgets in collaboration with the ED and Program Direct, and other misc. tasks.

Demand manager: coordinate and manage the forecasting team to maintain the process. 

Import/export administrator: manage data for international shipments and provide support for many steps of the transportation process.

Inventory controllers: ensures an appropriate amount of supply without excess.

Shipping & warehouse executive: Maintains inventory and supplies by receiving, storing, and delivering items; securing warehouse; supervising staff.


Commercial Account Executive: design, promote, and coordinate business-to-business sales. 

Office manager: Supports company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff. 

Sales executive: Builds business by identifying and selling prospects; maintaining relationships with clients. 

HR specialist: recruit, screen, interview, and place workers.



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Starting your own business:

Many graduates aim to start their own businesses within a few years of graduation. The UAE is a prime location for such a venture, with markets growing at double the rates of the developed world.

It can be tricky following all the rules set up by the Emirati government for startups, especially those owned by expats. The link below serves to breakdown and explain the procedures that must be completed before starting a business in the UAE.