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Pharmaceutical industry is one of the longest-lasting Polish sector. Despite its great traditions, it has undergone a series of fundamental transformations in the past 20 years. Some of the changes include privatisation of public companies, implementation of new legislation and modification of an administrative system of public healthcare.

Thanks to these changes, the pharmaceutical industry systematically increased its sales and profits. Consequently, Poland has become the biggest pharmaceutical market in Central-Eastern Europe and the sixth in the whole Europe. Moreover, a forecast for the next years is really positive as it is expected for the market to grow even more.

A very dynamic part of the sector is biotechnology. In 2010 production of biotechnological medicines accounted for 50% of sales in the sector, in comparison to 5% in 1999 and 20% in 2004.

According to a Grand View Research’s report, by 2025 the global biotechnological market will have been worth $721,1 million, while 60% of this amount will have been generated by the pharmaceutical sector.


In order to be successful when looking for a job in the industry, graduates should be equipped with a very specific set of skills and an appropiate attitude. Except professional knowledge, candidates need to be precise and undertake tasks in a methodogical manner. Moreover, empathy and interpersonal skills are necessary when working at a chemist’s.

It is also a must for graduates to keep up with any inventions and advancements as the market develops very quickly.

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