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If you’re an ideas person with a flair for writing, you can’t go past a career in communications for diversity and creative stimulation. All businesses need communications specialists, and with rapid change in every sphere due to new technology and social media growth, opportunities abound in every industry.[1]

Communications and media careers involve disseminating information, in a variety of forms, to the public. They include the spoken and written word, and even sound and pictures. [2]

Below are some of the types of jobs in this field.

Broadcast Technician

Broadcast technicians bring us live broadcasts of television and radio shows, concerts, and news reports. They set up, operate, and maintain the equipment that regulates signal strength, clarity, and range of sounds and colours. If you want to work in this field, you will need an associate degree in broadcast technology, electronics, or computer networking. Hands-on training is essential.

News Anchor

News anchors present, and often analyse, reports on television news broadcasts. They introduce stories from reporters out in the field and sometimes go to various locations themselves.

News anchors often have a social media presence.

You will have to earn a bachelor's degrees in journalism or mass communications, but some employers will consider hiring job candidates who have majored in other subjects. Most likely, you will begin your tv news career as a reporter. 


Using pictures to tell stories, photographers capture images of people, places, events and objects digitally or on film. Most specialize in a particular type of photography, for example, photojournalism, or portrait, commercial, entertainment, or scientific photography.

You may need a bachelor's degree, depending on the type of photography you want to do.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists, also called communications or media specialists, relay information from companies, organizations or governments to the public. They often use the media to spread their messages.

Although there are no standard educational requirements to work as a public relations specialist, many employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a college degree and some experience, usually obtained from doing an internship.

You should consider majoring in public relations, journalism, communications, and advertising in university.


Reporters investigate news stories and then deliver reports of what they find, either in writing or on television or radio, to the public. A reporter first gets a tip about a story and then tries to get all the facts about it by interviewing people, observing events, and doing research.

Most employers prefer to hire reporters who have a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications.

Translator or Interpreter

Translators convert written words from one language to another while interpreters do the same with spoken words. Some people do both, but most specialize in one area.

Many employers hire job candidates who have earned a bachelor's degree. To work as a translator or interpreter, you must be fluent in two languages. In addition to your language skills, you should have knowledge about the culture and subject matter.

Writers and Editors

Writers and editors bring us the content that appears in print and online media. Writers create the material and editors evaluate it and select the content to publish.

Although a university degree isn't required, but many employers prefer to hire writers and editors who have one, generally in communications, English, or journalism. A liberal arts degree may also be acceptable. If you specialize in a particular subject area, you may need a degree in it. This applies in particular to technical writers.

Writing CVs

For this sector it is good to have a competitive CV. Also taking part in different events or conferences will give you a lot of advantages for your future career.

Big companies and government job roles CVs: Check with the company or the institution on their required CV format. Majority of them prefer the European CV template with qualifications and experience related to the job role. For more tips, please check the General tips section here (link).

Preparing for Interviews

All companies have their individual recruitment process. This information should be provided on the job role ad, on website of the company or will be send to you if you are successful candidate. For some of the job roles you might need to do a test before the interview.


The most popular websites that you can see job offers in Bulgaria are:

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Key employers  


The media of Bulgaria refers to mass media outlets based in Bulgaria. Television, magazines, and newspapers are all operated by both state-owned and for-profit corporations which depend on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues. The Constitution of Bulgaria guarantees freedom of speech. As a country in transition, Bulgaria's media system is under transformation.[3]

Printed media: here List of newspapers in Bulgaria [4] and List of magazines in Bulgaria [5]

Radio broadcasting here List of radio stations in Bulgaria [6]

Television broadcasting here [7]

BTV Television

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Bulgarian National Television

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Marketing and advertising

Atendia Ltd. is part of Advent Group – an independent media group established in 2004. We are the founder and leader of "One-to-One" education events.
Advent Group’s mission is to develop awareness about international business schools through targeted branding and media outreach. We provide holistic support to potential MBA and Masters students, from selecting the right program to guiding them successfully through the admission process. 

Here link to the job roles in this company ->

BTL Marketing Executive: Publicis Dialog, a part of Publicis One Bulgaria, is a leading company in BTL communication services - events, promotions, direct marketing, etc., which make the conversation between the client and the brand possible, funny and measurable. Publicis Dialog has been working with local and global brands as VISA, HP, Ferrero, Nivea.

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SkyLine Marketing Ltd: Here link to the job roles in this company ->

Power Brands: a FMCG distributor, a subsidiary of VP Brands International. We build, commercialize and distribute brands with passion and knowledge. Brands, which satisfy the consumer needs and create unforgettable emotions. The company distributes to more than 80 markets worldwide and takes part in some of the most significant international exhibitions for spirits and wine.

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ONSITES: a modern digital start-up company steering a growth course in a digital world that is developing at a rapid pace. With our innovative and creatively designed web portals in the fields of higher education marketing as well as job and career marketing, we seek to build a solid bridge between conventional and digital business. Our vision is to fascinate and inspire our users and exceed their expectations based on our expertise, passion and extraordinary content.

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A Data Pro: a worldwide provider of high value-added data processing solutions and capabilities, real-time business information, market and investment intelligence, and media evaluation services with over 10 years of experience.

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Euro Connect HR team: believes that members of our team are responsible for the success of the team as a whole. This is the interdependence that makes a team stronger than the sum of its single members. Working together towards specific tangible results is the best way to start creating mutual accountability.

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Adecco: The Adecco Group provides over 1 million people in more than 60 countries with career opportunities, guidance and insights. 

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Sutherland LTD: employs thousands of professionals spanning 19 countries around the world.

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E&G Finance: has been established with the sole aim to provide high-quality services and customer-tailored solutions to our partners in the financial services industry worldwide.

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Public relations

IT Consulting Advertising agency

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Quantum BG: the official representative of one of the leading companies in the financial markets.

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Drive Advertising EOOD: Here link to the job roles in this company ->

Advertise LTD: Here link to the job roles in this company ->