There is a steady demand for engineers from a spectrum of specializations. Research undertaken by suggests that the engineering career is very promising. 2 out of 14 of the “professions of the future” are Logistics Engineer and Electrotechnology Engineer.

The most required employees are Chief Operational Officer, Manufacturing Manager, Health & Safety Manager and Maintenance Manager & Technician.


Despite that there are 20-30 thousand new engineer graduates every year, employers struggle to recruit workers. It is because of a limited number of specialists available in the market and due to a very specific employers’ requirements. The engineers are required not only to possess deep technical knowledge, but also they need to demonstrate their soft skills and ability to think outside of the box.

Another important element when assessing one’s suitability for a job is their level of engagement during studies. The candidates should have an experience of participating in academic projects or working on individual ideas.

In order to increase one’s employability is by keeping up-to-date with technological advancements and inventions. Recruiters stress and importance of being constantly informed and innovative as it is the key for many employers.

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