Health and life sciences

Health and life science jobs in China

Sector overview

Bio-engineering is leading to a transfer of more and more biotechnology from laboratories into the commercial world. Companies in this industry are no longer exclusively small-scale, they are being replaced by many large-scale, diversified chemical processing enterprises.

In addition, various fields such as medicine, food, pesticides, health care products, food additives, fuel, environmental and space life support systems are growing areas in the industry, leading to more employment opportunities. At the same time, there is a serious shortage of biotechnology researchers and biotechnology product developers in China.

(Source from: Bio)

Key employers
Sources of vacancies
  • eedu (环境生态社区)
    Provides expertise along with job recruitment info.
  • ebioe (易生物人才网)
    Lots of job vacancies for biomedicine researchers.
  • cespn (中美环保科技交流论坛)
    Gathers the latest American and Chinese techniques used within the sector.
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