Healthcare sector of Vietnam is a mix of public and private system with over 1000 public and 130 private hospital. However, the current system is not enough to meet domestic demand. Therefore, Vietnam shows very high potential for health care development. The growth of the market is also driven by economic growth, increasing health awareness and improved living standard.

In fact, Vietnamese health care sector is identified as one of the national development priorities and the public sector has received increasing budget allocation along with incentives for investment.

The development of health care sector in general leads to higher demand for high quality healthcare human resource.


Career opportunities

Healthcare career can be classified into the following main categories:

  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Medical and Dental
  • Allied Health Professions (AHPs): AHPs carry their own caseloads and work as autonomous professionals, for example they may work directly with a patient to develop some interactive therapies to aid recovery.
  • Health Science Services: Helping patient with hearing problems, analysing tissue samples, or researching how results from the human genome project can be translated into new treatments.
  • Support/ Administrative Services

Examples of jobs in Health care sector include:

- Adult nurse
- Clinical psychologist
- Dietitian
- Healthcare scientist, audiology
- Sport therapist


Key employers

Graduates can work in Ministry of Health which mostly involve administration positions, do research and teach at Health Universities and Colleges. They can also work directly with patients at hospitals, health centres or open their own clinic, etc.

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The following article provides helpful advice on the career path of main health care professions: