1.    Overview

The construction industry of Singapore has grown at an annual rate of 15% from 2007 to 2010 with the total output recorded at $27 billion in 2010. Over the same period, employment as grown annually at a rate of 10%, reflecting a continued and sustained workload. Amidst the strong projected growth of the industry and rise of new developments, industry players will continue to demand manpower for a wide range of jobs. Professionals in this industry are engaged in a variety of roles ranging from design and conceptualisation to cost estimation, construction supervision, project management and facility management. Non-executive positions such as electricians, crane operators and construction foremen are equally needed in this industry.

2.    Career opportunities

The construction industry is a diverse sector supporting the design, development, construction and maintenance of the built environment and infrastructure.
Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has drawn up a list of skills in demand for Construction job as follow which is in consultant with the respective industries and relevant government agencies.
-    Civil/ Structural/ Bridge Engineer
-    Design Engineer
-    Geotechnical Engineer
-    Mechanical & Electrical/Aircon/Fire/Instrumentation Engineer
-    Quantity Surveyor
-    Resident Technical Officer/ Engineer
-    Testing & Commissioning Engineer
-    Supervisor and General Foreman
-    Crane & Hoist Operator/BC Cutter Operator/Bored Piling Operator/Drilling Operator
-    Draftsman structural/ M&E/ architectural/Autocad Operator
-    Architectural Assistant/Technician
-    Jet-grouting Specialist
-    Building and Construction Project Manager

Following are examples of some main roles in the Construction industry of Singapore and their wage range:

Job title

Job description

Wage range

Executive jobs

Civil Engineer

-          Design and supervise construction of highrise buildings, industrial complexes and large scale infrastructure projects.

-          Manage and plan development projects.

-          Implement maintenance strategies

$3,200 - $5,000



-          Advise project team on various construction costs, contractual rights and arbitration procedures

-          Monitor actual construction versus contract work quantity.

-          Ensure that project is managed within budget.

$2,900 - $4,300

Project Manager

-          Supervise and organize daily site activities.

-          Coordinating with various parties and controlling progress of the project

$3,800 - $6,500



-          Design and advise on the items that need to be powered by electricity

-          Install, test, operate, maintain and repair of electrical systems.

-          Supervise work on electrical systems

$3,400 - $5,300


Technical Officer

-          Ensure that the quality of construction materials and workmanship

-          Work independently for the entire project

$2,800 - $4,300

Non - Executive jobs


/ Electrical



-          Perform electrical wiring installation

$1,600 - $2,400


And General


(Building Trades)

-          Supervise construction workers of various trades

-          Oversee the construction project.

$2,000 - $3,300

Security Officer

/ Protection


-          Perform security functions as designated by client’s needs

$1,300 - 1,700


Labour Market Highlights, 2011/ 2012, Ministry of Manpower and Singapore workforce development agency

3.    Top employers

  • Koh Brothers Building & Civil Engineering Contractor Pte Ltd – Website:  
  • Sato Kogyo Co. Ltd – Website:  
  • Lian Beng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd – Website:  
  • Kajima Corporation Overseas Asia Pte Ltd – Website:  
  • Woh Hup Holdings Pte Ltd – Website:

4.    Advice

Knowledge and skills can be obtained while at university by building up teamwork and taking on projects to gain experience of project-based work. Besides the coursework, any projects you take on as part of extra-curricular activities, student societies or part-time work would be helpful.

With relevant work experience, graduates can also consider postgraduates study to strengthen your knowledge and skills.

The following website provides brief information aboout description and required skills for major architecture and constrution careers.

You can also find more useful advices to get a construction job from the below websites: