Computing, IT and Telecommunication

1.    Overview

The key trends for the IT skill set includes software developers and project managers involved in delivery and implementation of ERP solutions . There is also an increase in demand across e-commerce and a need for experienced developers in this area.
As the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) opens its borders, the most difficult positions to fill will be specialist positions in niche areas such as cloud computing gamming, ERP, data centre and project sales. However, we may start to see some skill shortage alleviated by IT professionals coming into the market from neighboring countries.

Candidates with FMCG (Fast Moving Customer Goods) experience will continue to be highly sought-after as the have a reputation for being well-trained, with strong analytical skills, commercial acumen and the ability to think strategically.

Thailand’s growing online consumer market has led to the expansion of sectors such as banking, FMCG and e-commerce. Employees experienced in improving or developing websites and user experience have been in demand. The increased interest for end-user support and the rise in data traffic created a need for more infrastructure and application support professionals.


2. Career opportunities

  • Application Specialist,
  • Hardware Engineer,
  • IT Consultant,
  • I.T. Project Management,
  • IT Trainer, Programmer,
  • Software Engineer,
  • Software Testing,
  • System Engineer,
  • Technical Support,
  • Technical Writer,
  • Electrical Engineer,
  • GSM,
  • Maintenance Engineer,
  • Network Administrator,
  • Switching Engineering,
  • System Administration,
  • Systems Engineer

3. Key Employers

The leading of telecommunications service provider in Thailand
1.    True Corporation
2.    Dtac
3.    TOT Telephone Organization of Thailand
4.    CAT Telecom
5.    AIS Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited
6.    TT&T Public Company Limited
7.    Reuters Software (Thailand)
8.    BT Group
9.    MCOT
10.    Thaicom

4. Useful website

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

5. Advice

Bilingual IT professionals who are flexible to relocate to work in the AEC countries are highly required in the market, and should able to work in global environment and culture.
An Internship is of great benefit if you would like to gain some valuable work experience to fulfill your job.  Moreover, applicants should have an inviting digital profile such as on LinkedIn, to access the social networking crowd sourcing and land jobs. You can create a personalized resumes, get tutoring for your work experience and various skills, the website also serves as an online job board where employers can post available openings and LinkedIn users can apply.