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Oil and Gas


A younger industry compared to Nigeria. Careers include:

Exploration and Production – Exploration and production provide job opportunities at every level. Looking for new oil reserves involves seismic surveying and analysis. Production also includes more specialist jobs in areas such as drilling, and electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering.

Refining – From specialists to general technical assistants, from operating and maintenance staff to instrumentation and computer system experts, a wide range of mainly technical jobs exist.

Marketing and Distribution – A variety of opportunities also exist in this area. From junior accounts assistant to marketing director, from oil depot manager to systems analyst, this is an area where non-scientists can make their mark in the oil industry.

Research and Development – The search for new and better ways of finding and using oil is very important. Some of the most specialised jobs in the whole industry are to be found here. Scientists with degrees of postgraduate qualifications usually lead the work, although there are some opportunities for laboratory and technical assistants.

Commercial Services – The efficient running of all parts of the industry depends on staff specialising in areas such as personnel, finance, contracts, trading, purchase and supply, and information technology.

Jobs include, geophysicist, mudlogger, Petroleum Engineer, Hydrologist, Process Engineer, Geochemist, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Engineering Geologist, Mechanical Engineer, Mining Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Process Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Engineering Geologist, Geophysicist, Petroleum Engineer, Process Engineer, Hydrologist, Geochemist, Account Manager, Oil Broker, Marketing Manager, Personnel Management, Production Manager, Plant Manager.

Reference: Ghana Oil and Gas Service Provided Association (GOGSPA) 

Key employers
  1. Afren Energy Gh. Ltd 
  2. Bocadillos Oilfields Services Co. Ltd 
  3. Cape 3 Services Ltd. Oil & Gas 
  4. Capez Oil & Gas 
  5. Cares Group Ltd 
  6. Ebony Oil & Gas Ltd 
  7. Eni Ghana
  8. Gasop Oil Ltd 
  9. Ghana Property Awards
  10. Hydra Offshore Ltd, Accra
  11. Intecsea Worley Parsons
  12. Intecsea Worley Parsons
  13. Jospong Group Of Companies
  14. Jospong Group Of Companies
  15. Kosmos Energy
  16. Kosmos Energy
  17. Kros Ghana Ltd
  18. Kros Ghana Ltd
  19. Lubcon Ghana Ltd
  20. Lubcon Ghana Ltd
  21. Lukoil Overseas Gh. Ltd
  22. Menergy International
  23. Menergy International
  24. Menergy International
  25. Menergy International
  26. National Oilwell Varco
  27. National Oilwell Varco
  28. Ocean-Us Gh. Ltd
  29. Ocean-Us Gh. Ltd
  30. Oils & Lubricants
  31. RDFC Holdings
  32. Reliable Logistics & Services Ltd.
  33. Star Africa Commodities & Minerals Ltd.
  34. Tullow Ghana Ltd
  35. Xavier Synergy
  36. Zest Electric Ghana Ltd

Reference:  GhanaWeb

Writing CVs: Same as standard generic CVs but with specific experience and qualifications to oil and gas.

International company CVs: Check with the company on their required CV format.  Majority prefer a standard CV template with qualifications and experience specifically relating job advert requirements in oil and gas.

Reference: same generic information

Application forms: Same advise as generic information but relevant to oil and gas.

Preparing for Interviews: Same advise as generic information but include oil and gas skills and experience. International oil and gas companies have their individual recruitment process which will be stated on websites or through the recruitment process so it is best to check with them.

Reference:  same generic information

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