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Types of jobs in this sector:  the five largest engineering areas are: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering. There are also more specialised engineering fields, including aerospace engineering, oceanic engineering, nuclear engineering, biomedical engineering, and environmental engineering.

Writing CVs:  same as standard generic CVs but with specific experience and qualifications to engineering.

International company CVs:  check with the relevant company on their preferred CV format.  Majority prefer a standard CV template with qualifications and experience specifically relating to engineering and job advert requirements.

Application forms:  same advise as standard generic information but include relevant engineering experience and qualifications.

Preparing for Interviews:  same standard advise as generic information.

Key sources of vacancies and internships:

•  Kenya Engineer (jobs) -
•  Best Jobs Kenya -
•  N-soko jobs (part of Nation Media Group, Kenya)
•  Career Jet Kenya -
•  Jobs advertised through individual associations


•  Kenya Engineer -
•  Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya –
•  The Institution of Engineers of Kenya -

Agricultural Engineers
•  South & East African Society of Agricultural Engineering (SEASAE) -  ( office based in Nairobi, Kenya)

Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
•  National Construction Authority, Kenya -
•  Architectural Association of Kenya -

Chemical Engineering
•  Chemical Engineering blogspot -
•  The Kenyan Institution of Chemical Engineers -

Civil Engineering
•  Institution of Civil Engineers, Kenya -

Mechanical Engineering
•  Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Kenya -

Structural Engineering
•  The Institution of Structural Engineers -