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Banking and Finance


Types of jobs in this sector:  accountancy, banking and finance, business administration, economics, sociology, statistics, computer science, law, including other specialist careers for example energy, agriculture, etc

Types of financial institutions in terms of shareholding

a)   Foreign owned Banks in Kenya

    i)   Foreign owned not locally incorporated:
         1.   Bank of Africa (K)
         2.   Bank of India
         3.   Citibank N.A. Kenya
         4.   Habib Bank A.G. Zurich
         5.   Habib Bank

     ii)   Foreign owned but locally incorporated institutions:
          1.   Bank of Baroda (K)
          2.   Barclays Bank of Kenya
          3.   Diamond Trust Bank Kenya
          4.   K-Rep Bank
          5.   Standard Chartered Bank (K)
          6.   Ecobank Ltd
          7.   Gulf Africa Bank (K)
          8.   First Community Bank

    iii)   Foreign owned but locally incorporated institution:
          1. UBA Kenya Bank Limited

b)   Banks in Kenya with Government participation
      1. Consolidated Bank of Kenya
      2. Development Bank of Kenya
      3. Housing Finance
      4. Kenya Commercial Bank
      5. National Bank of Kenya
      6. CFC Stanbic Bank

c)   Banks in Kenya that are locally owned
      1. African Banking Corporation
      2. Jamii Bora Bank
      3. Commercial Bank of Africa
      4. Co-operative Bank of Kenya
      5. Credit Bank
      6. Charterhouse Bank
      7. Chase Bank (K)
      8. Dubai Bank Kenya
      9. Equatorial Commercial Bank
     10. Equity Bank
     11. Family Bank
     12. Fidelity Commercial Bank
     13. Fina Bank
     14. Giro Commercial Bank
     15. Guardian Bank
     16. Imperial Bank
     17. Investment Er Mortgages Bank
     18. Middle East Bank (K)
     19. NIC Bank
     20. Oriental Commercial Bank
     21. Paramount Universal Bank
     22. Prime Bank F
     23. Trans-National Bank
     24. Victoria Commercial Bank

Banks in Kenya that are listed on the NSE
1.   Barclays Bank of Kenya
2.   CFC Stanbic Bank
3.   Equity Bank
4.   Housing Finance
5.   Kenya Commercial Bank
6.   NIC Bank
7.   Standard Chartered Bank (K)
8.   Diamond Trust Bank Kenya
9.   National Bank of Kenya
10. Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Reference:  Soft Kenya -

Writing CVs:  Same as standard generic CVs but with specific experience and qualifications relevant to banking and finance.
International Banking and Finance CVs: International institutions have their own recruitment process including graduate programmes and provide a specific format for their CV and application process so best to check with the institution.
Application forms:  same advise as generic information but relevant to banking and finance.
Preparing for Interviews: same advise as generic information  but relevant to banking and finance.  International banking and finance companies have their individual recruitment process which will be stated on their websites or through the recruitment process so it is best to check with them.

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