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We are one of the largest multidisciplinary marketing communications agencies in the world – a unique coalition of expertise under one roof.

We have deep specializations in our businesses, in advertising, customer engagement, public relations, performance marketing, retail activation, social media marketing, as well as an in-house production and delivery network.

In addition to the breadth and depth of our offerings, we have a unique digital advantage in that we have woven digital directly into the fabric of the entire company. This means that every discipline, department and team at O&M China incorporates digital into everything that we do. Our horizontal digital structure is company-wide, where we combine the vertical digital expertise of a specialist agency with the strategic expertise of a broad marketing communications agency.

Founded in 1948 in the U.S., Ogilvy & Mather is a wholly-owned, independently operating subsidiary of WPP Group, plc, a publicly traded company on the London and NASDAQ exchanges. Our China operation was set up in 1991, where we now service Fortune Global 500 companies as well as local businesses through our network of more than 13 offices in 10 cities across Greater China.

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(SINGAPORE) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Business, Accounting & Finance / 4 Years +
Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications


  • Maintain the site and troubleshooting all web pages within the clients’ sites
  • To be familiar with each site’s creative, technical and functional Guidelines. These pertain to the design, site layout, content and information architecture of the sites.
  • Work closely with the Project Manager on coordinating updates that come in on a daily basis.
  • Liaise across all departments including admin, client service, project management, creative and technical to ensure that client’s sites are being maintained at all levels
  • Support the day-to-day operations and development of websites and related projects.
  • Keep up-to-date with platform browser and Operating system issues. This knowledge should apply to the quality check procedures.



  • A bachelor’s degree in a subject such as computer science or mathematics is valuable, but not essential.
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience; agency background would be an advantage
  • Technical skills and experience in programming languages such as HTML, Javascript and CSS or any other languages.
  • Require good collaboration skills. Will work with designers, writers and clients to develop content for websites and provide the technical expertise to ensure that content meets accessibility requirements and complies with standards.
  • Familiar with content management systems such AEM.
  • Familiar with Email blasting engines such as Eloqua or Responsys


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Content Architect

(SINGAPORE) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Business, Accounting & Finance / 4 Years +
Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications


  • Audit content
  • Lead card sorting workshops
  • Create information architectures
  • Define taxonomies
  • Organise content
  • Establish in-page content structures
  • Determine the appropriate media for each content need (copy, illustration, diagram, infographic, video)
  • Conduct stakeholder research and support external user research from a content angle
  • Write and edit copy
  • Research and utilise the right keywords for SEO purposes
  • Create content governance models
  • Prepare metadata strategies
  • Create editorial guidelines
  • Conduct content author training
  • Devise content strategies
  • Develop migration plans
  • Establish personalisation rules for implementation into a CMS



  • Abilities and requirements
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in two or more of digital copywriting, information architecture, content strategy, SEO
  • In-depth understanding of one or more content management systems (Sitecore, AEM, Drupal, WordPress) and how they store, manage, publish, and render content
  • Empathy, curiosity, and the drive to learn more all the time
  • Outstanding written and spoken English
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task effortlessly and manage priorities
  • A knack for explaining complex concepts simply
  • Friendly, sociable, patient



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Social Media Strategist

(SINGAPORE) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Business, Accounting & Finance / 3 Years
Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications

Responsibilities and duties

  • The key responsibilities of the Social Media Strategist include:
  • Developing and managing paid Social Media strategies from end to end (goals and KPIs definition, audience segmentation modeling, creative assets validation, tracking and tagging blueprint, A/B testing set-up and reporting).
  • Leading Paid Social Media strategies on defined clients.
  • Defending Social Media strategies and campaigns’ reporting in front of clients.
  • Ensuring the delivery of best-in-class Paid Social Media expertise.
  • Being the go-to technical expert on all paid social campaigns.
  • Working closely with clients and internal stakeholders to grow the Paid Social offering.
  • Coaching Campaign Executives and Interns by providing ongoing guidance, support and training.
  • Supporting Senior Social Media Strategists and the Social Media Director with new businesses.
  • Developing and nurturing the publisher relationships (Social Media platforms).


Skills set

·         Data analytical skills

·         Excellent written and verbal communication

·         Professionalism

·         Teamwork

·         Organization skills

·         Strong Computer literacy (Office suite)

·         Interpersonal sensitivity

·         Project planning

·         Flexibility

·         Time management

·         Numeracy


·         Proactivity 

·         Entrepreneurship/ Innovation

·         Motivational

·         Action planning

·         Confidence

·         Decision making

·         Creativity

·         Team management

·         Basic accounting

·         Lifelong learning