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Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. Our products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. At the same time we want to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power.

We are firmly aligned to our mission statement "Bayer: Science For A Better Life" and continue to optimise our portfolio, concentrating our activities in three high-potential, efficient subgroups with largely independent operations:

  • HealthCare
  • CropScience
  • MaterialScience

These provide us with access to major global groth markets, and are supported by our service companies.

Our knowledge and our products are helping to diagnose, alleviate or cure diseases, improving the quality and adequacy of the global food supply, and contributing significantly to an active, modern lifestyle. Our expertise and innovative capability also enable us to offer solutions for protecting the climate and addressing the consequences of climate change.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment and flexibility
  • Working independently
  • Result orientation

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Marketing-Anti-Infectives-Franchise Head

Location: Shanghai, china

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Marketing-Anti-Infectives-Franchise Head

(CHINA) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Health and Life Sciences / 3 Years
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Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications

Your tasks and responsibilities

 1. Direct marketing efforts for entire portfolio of Anti-Infectives,
 including developing marketing strategy, brand plans and implementation
 (incl. marketing policy, positioning, lifecycle management, market
 2. Form, direct, and lead multi-functional franchise team (partly non-
 reports) consisting of all relevant functions, esp. marketing (central &
 regional), global development, regulatory affairs, medical affairs,
 compliance, market access, commercial/KAM, training; lead the Pharma
 China Anti-Infectives Brand Teams that has full operational control over
 the Anti-Infectives business; represent the Brand Team in OMT.
 3. Ensures close alignment with RMD and regional Head of Portfolio Mgmt.
 on local market strategies development and their realization; Facilitate
 working level cross franchise collaboration within BHC ensure aligned
 successful completion of StraCo process; validates 3-year-budget and
 forecast and supports long-term strategic budget process;
 4. Controls and pursues the sales figures of the respective business
 area and reacts to possible plan variances with adequate (strategic and
 operative) interventions; Drive and oversee the development of
 nationwide activities of a portfolio of Anti-Infectives products across
 all BHP regions (e.g. national congresses, national KOL management...);
 5. Develop and drive execution of Bayer Pharma portfolio strategy and
 market access strategy, conducting comprehensive analyses and preparing
 presentations that lead to high-impact decisions; Give professional
 direction and provide support on marketing activities related to Anti-
 Infectives Franchise within the managed portfolio by assuming overall
 governance role (development of best practices & standards, talent
 management, challenging regional marketing teams on marketing
 excellence...); Lead and optimize marketing research efforts within the
 managed product portfolio, both primary and secondary, to enable fast
 and well-informed decision making for central as well as for regional
 management teams;
 6. Manage new pipeline projects, represent to communicate with
 Development (Center) Beijing and global headquarters with regarding to
 portfolio project management; Drive understanding and assessment of
 adjacent new business fields in Franchise and work closely with Business
 Development identifying opportunities, i.e. partnering, licensing,
 acquisitions etc.
 7. Implementefficient cost control systems for Franchise and support CM
 Head on BHP China marketing budget process;
 8. Drives and ensures fully compliant behavior and activities within
 franchise scope and lives LIFE values in daily practice and supports
 colleagues to do the same Value;
 9. Ensures talent development and succession planning within franchise
 and contributes to the cross-functional talent development activities of



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FAP Strategic KA Manager

(CHINA) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Business, Accounting & Finance / 2 Years
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Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications


  • Set up team sales targets and actionplans in accordance with theCompany’s budgeted targets and monitor the execution of sales polices.
  • 根据公司预算任务,设立团队产品销售目标和行动计划,并督促执行销售政策。
  • Guide the team in implementing agreed sales and market strategies towards the achievement of sales targets through effective supervision and motivation.
  • 领导团队员工执行既定销售目标及市场战略,通过有效的管理及激励达成销售任务。
  • Prepare accurate monthly rolling forecasts and contributes to the strategic planning and budgeting processes by monitoring market activity and communicating accurate market information, including the identification of threats and opportunities.
  • 制订准确的月度滚动销售预测,通过监控市场活动及传达准确的市场信息(包括威胁及机遇的识别) 参与战略计划及预算过程。
  • Maintain effective visit and communication with existing and potential key customers, distributors and end-users in all market segments, to develop and realize sales opportunities.
  • 与所有细分市场的现有及潜在关键客户,经销商及最终用户保持有效的拜访和沟通,以创造及发现销售机会。
  • Develop the sales team through effective counselling and training, and appraises individual and team performance on a regular basis.
  • 通过有效的指导及培训,个人评估及团队绩效的定期评估发展销售队伍。
  • Realize market potential for existing products, and identify both market and product development opportunities, and provide periodic market analysis report to the BU head.
  • 发现现有产品的市场潜力,识别市场及产品发展机会,定期向FAP经理提供市场分
  • 析报告。
  • Drive the change management of KA business division.
  • 推动大客户业务的变革管理。



  • Education/Experience: Bachelor and above degree, majored in Vet.
  • At least 2 years working experience in relative function
  • 教育/经验:本科以上学历,兽医相关专业,至少2年以上同等职位工作经验。
  • Specific knowledge&skills: good product knowledge and technical background
  • 专业知识:良好的产品知识及技术背景
  • Good skill in communication, presentation, conflict management,
  • Interpersonal relationship and problem solving.
  • 良好的沟通能力、演讲技巧、冲突管理能力、人际关系处理能力及解决问题的能力。



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Medical Representative

(CHINA) and various
Job Reference:
Functional Area/Experience:
Health and Life Sciences / 2 Years
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Job Description:

Job Description & Qualifications

Your tasks and responsibilities

 1. Meets or exceeds individual sales target set by the company
 through scientific product promotion to key customers
 2. Acts to meet customer expectations by sustaining regular contact,
 demonstrating proficiency in product knowledge and delivery of
 scientific services  in order to build superior relationships with key
 3. Organizes scientific lectures and prepares speaker contracts
 4. Organizes roundtable meetings to facilitate scientific discussions
 among key experts in the assigned sales area
 5. Assists the Marketing Department to promote the organization of
 regional meetings and assists the supervisor to complete bidding
 procedures and health services
 6. Provides accurate market information feedback and updates
 information in various databases, including the daily documentation of
 his/her activities in the CRM system
 7. Participates in special projects such as major promotions, new
 product launches, and new marketing initiatives
 8. Ensures his/her individual actions are aligned with Bayer's LIFE
 values, relevant compliance guidelines and other company regulations